10 Week Intro Classes Beginning Soon on the Week of Oct. 2-5
(See orientation below)

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Openings for:

Adults / Teens / Preteens / Children / Early Learners (age 3-6)


Enroll with printable form (click here for form)
A $50 deposit is required that to complete enrollment and is applied to your tuition balance. It is refundable if we can't place you at the time and day you need. Mail it in, drop in our mail box or call us to stop in. The form includes a place for you to give your availability for classes or lessons and your age (if under 18). Adult classes are separate and younger students grouped by age within one year.

2. After receiving your enrollment, we schedule your class time for the upcoming semester based on the time you give us on the form or by phone or e-mail.

3. You then attend an orientation for the session you enrolled in or set up your own time.
Our teaching days are Monday through Friday beginning at 2:30 and ending at 8:00 PM except Wednesdays which end at 5:00.


Intro Session Orientation is Sat. September 30th - You must be enrolled to come to the orientation.
For semester schedule see our calendar

Need to set up a different time for your orientation?
Orientation Times (times are subject to change)
Children - 9:00 to 10:15 A.M. (ages 3-9)
Preteen - 10:30 to 11:45 A.M. (ages 10-13)
Adults -    1:00 to 2:15 P.M.
Teens -     2:30 to 3:45
(ages 14-17)
An individual orientation can be arranged for late enrollees or those who can't make the regular times.

Classes and Lessons designed for each age group:
Children, Pre-teen, Teen and Adult Programs for more go to Classes

Tuition Payment Plans Available

Tuition per student: 10 week intro session - (deduct any deposit from listed tuition price).
$170 - Group class of two or more (materials are extra) see "classes"

$200 - Private lessons, $20 per 1/2 hour lesson or can prorate for late enrollment. (materials are extra) see "classes"

Tuition per student: full 18 week session in Spring 2018.
$306 - Class of two or more. 30 minutes. (Adults and Teens 40 minutes.)
$360 - Private (or pro-rated at $20.00 per 1/2 hour lesson, if student begins later in session).

Tuition per student: 14 week intro session in Spring 2018
$238 - Class of two or more 30 minutes. (Adults and Teens 40 minutes.)
$280 - Private (or pro-rated at $20.00 per 1/2 hour lesson, if student begins later in session).

Tuition: Early Learners 15 minute lesson, ages 3-5 
Prorated for number of weeks at $10 per lesson.

Materials Cost, Guitar Requirements and More see "classes"


click here for enrollment form

Your $50 deposit will be deducted from the tuition and is refundable if we can't place you at the time you need.
CALL 574-255-9343.

Schedule see our calendar
Guitar Requirements

All students should have the an acoustic classical guitar that is of good quality. We have guitars for rent or purchase See "Guitars"

Children, preteens and teens must have a "classical style" guitar made for nylon strings that is the right size for them.

Adults must have an acoustic guitar. Although not required, a nylon string classical guitar is recommended, BUT REQUIRED FOR PRIVATE LESSONS.

See "Guitars" for specific information and sizes for kids.

Materials Cost, Guitar Requirements and More see "classes"