MGA Policy Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer electric guitar lessons?

At MGA we focus on acoustic guitar. Many of our students do play electric at home and may even take other types of instruction besides MGA, but we feel it is important to be grounded in acoustic guitar. We require a classic, nylon string for children and pre-teens and recommend that style to teens and adults also, but they may have a steel string if it works for them.

What is the advantage of a Classical Guitar?

Classical guitars have a very rich sound and works best with fingerstyle guitar the technique we promote that uses the right hand fingers to pick with. However you can play any style on a classical. They also have nylon and steel wrapped bass strings so they are easier on the fingers.

What's different about what you learn at MGA compared to a music store?

MGA is devoted to instruction and selling instruments is a compliment as a service by providing guitars that are unavailable at music stores. Guitar stores are more focused on merchandising and teaching is secondary.

What styles do you teach at MGA?

We focus on making sure our students have a good grasp of the fundamentals of music through reading, ear training and rhythm studies though acoustic fingerstyle, classical and jazz techniques. We also include some blues and popular tunes in addition to our curriculum.

What is the advantage of group lessons as opposed to private one-on-one instruction?

We do both private and group lessons. Our guitar classes for Children, Preteens and Adults are based on a method specially designed for interactive learning and offers an experience that is unique to our area. Unlike a music store type of class each person is fully engaged at the level that is right for them as they enjoy the ability to play along with others as you learn.The materials are user friendly and laid out in a step-by-step progressive format. Our private lessons are taught by qualified professionals with years of experience and a devotion to teaching in a consistent and patient manner.

What is the advantage of semesters as opposed to month- to-month arrangements like music stores?

Semesters give a sense of goal setting and completion with time off in between. Monthly students at some studios must take lessons continually to keep the spot with their instructor. With semesters the student gets a break and is not constantly paying for lessons to keep going. At MGA we also have a recital at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters for those who want to participate. Our younger students also have the advantage of semesters that begin after they start their school thus giving them and their parents time to get settled into the Fall and Spring schedules.