Testimonials and Success Stories of MGA Students

colinColin Murphy

I’ve been playing guitar at Miller Guitar Academy for about six years now and I love it. I have learned that guitar is more than just learning how to play the guitar and reading music. It has provided me the opportunity to learn, how to manage my time, and develop my focus and concentration. That is really the great part of guitar, it’s the spiritual side, and it’s wonderful. Since going to high school, my grades are now much better, especially my math grade. I used to do really bad in math, but guitar really helped me focus and cool down when I was stressed.

My Dad was a big help. He really helped me manage my time, which is a really big thing with playing. Parents, you really have to help your kids manage their time, especially when they are young.

I feel that guitar is a great way to use your extra time. Guitar is something that you really have to do for awhile. It isn’t something that you should do for a semester and then quit. I will admit at first I didn’t take it serious, and I didn’t want to spend any time with it.

Colin Murphy

Colin went on to study to become a paramedic at Indiana University.

Chris Wheeler
Chris began his classical guitar studies at Miller Guitar Academy at age 6. He went on to earn a degree in music at DePaul University in Chicago. He now lives and works in Chicago as a music instructor.

colinJeff Swanson

Jeff began his classical guitar studies at Miller Guitar Academy at age 6. He went on to earn a scholarship and degree in guitar performance at Northern Illinois State University
and now performs professionally.

nikhil seksenaNikhil Seksena

I have played guitar at Miller Guitar Academy for 9 years. I enjoy learning in a small group with my friend Dylan. I also enjoy Mr. Miller's patient style of teaching. The genre of music is interesting and easy to learn.

Nikhil now studies at Purdue University.

mike mcguireMike McGuire

For many years understanding the guitar eluded me until I began studying at Miller Guitar Academy. The instructional method designed by Stephen and Joellen Miller increases student success by teaching practical music theory, reading and ear training with a step-by-step patient approach. I have in the past studied with other teachers that move through the material too fast, DVD’s and an online program; but I have found that the method at MGA is by far superior. The Miller’s customize lessons that allow each student to move at a comfortable pace and master important concepts. I have enjoyed both group and private instruction at MGA and highly recommend either. As an MGA student I have experienced steady progress that has been reinforced by high quality instruction.

Mike McGuire teaches Biology at Mishawaka High School.


"The Miller Guitar Academy instructors are knowledgeable and supportive. Their unique method (Guitar Academy) provides a variety of beautiful and instructional compositions."
Kirsten Kish
, Parent

"It's fun. I like all the songs in the book." - Leah Matz-student

"It's good to know what my child is learning so that I can participate."
Tammy Matz-mom

"One of my impossible dreams is to accompany any song I sing with the guitar. Playing and practicing guitar makes me feel younger"
Joan Kiehm
- Adult Student