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We carry the Schonbach line of quality guitars made for educators to meet the needs of high quality, great sounding and playing guitars in five sizes for every age.

All our guitars come with a one year repair or replace warranty.

Strunal Sized Guitars

Approximate ages given for each size. Protective bags are extra. Used models may be available in some sizes.

1/4 Size (ages 3-5) $120.
1/2 Size (ages 5-7) Starting at $190.
3/4 Size (ages 8-11) Starting at $195.
7/8 Size (ages 11-13) Starting at $215.

FULL SIZE (Teens and Adults) Starting at $250

Also known for their band and orchestra instruments, Schonbach brand guitars are for the money the best entry level student guitars we have found. They sound and play better than guitars found at guitar stores. In fact these instruments are only carried by teachers who have a working knowledge of students needs. MGA provides these instruments only for their students because they know that Strunal guitars have the quality that will help students play and sound their best.

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