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ENROLL NOW for Summer 2024 (see details below)

ALL LESSONS ARE ONLINE  see our calendar 


Openings for: Adults / Teens / Preteens / Children / Early Learners (age 3-6)


8 Weeks - Tuition $160 / A first payment of $160 is required to enroll /

Tuition is pro-rated for later enrollment /

Payment can be made in two installments (including initial payment as one of those).

                                                                Call or e-mail us   



                                                           Meet us in person on Zoom



To enroll:

Our teaching days are Mondays through Thursdays generally beginning at 2:00 and ending at 8:00 PM.

1. Contact us or schedule a consultation. We will set up a lesson time then send you an online payment link. An $90 payment (full tuition for Summer Session) or the full tuition for the number of weeks left in the semester is required to complete enrollment and save a lesson time. It is refundable only if we can't place you at an agreed upon time. So it is best to contact us first before enrolling. 

2. Fill out the enrollment form .

  Your enrollment and lesson time is not secured until the $90 payment (Summer Session full tuition) or full tuition is paid.


3. Your lessons will begin at the the agreed upon time and date -

                                                                           if you're ready to go 




Tuition per student: 
$160 or $20 per half hour lesson if beginning later in the semester. 

Materials costs see programs.

These include books, tuners and other items.

Guitar Requirements

All students must have an acoustic classical guitar that is of good quality and the right size. We have high quality affordable guitars for rent or purchase See "Guitars" 

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