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Stephen John Miller
Playing guitar since 1969 Stephen brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to his sessions at each level of playing."It has been my goal to remove obstacles to learning with a user-friendly method that gives the essential building blocks in a clear and progressive way”. The GuitarInteract series by Stephen and Joellen Miller has been used successfully to teach thousands of students at Notre Dame, Indiana University and at Miller Guitar Academy.

Since 1986 Stephen has taught guitar at Notre Dame. He has performed extensively as a soloist and with ensembles of all sizes including the South Bend Symphony. He has composed for many instruments and ensembles including the guitar. He holds degrees from Indiana University and The University of Redlands, CA. in Guitar and Composition. His guitar teachers include Dick Wisner, Terry Graves of the Defalla Trio and William Kanengiser of the L.A. Guitar Quartet. His composition professors include David Barton, Wayne Bornsteadt and Barney Childs.


Joellen Miller

is co-creator of GuitarInteract and with her husband Stephen owner of Miller Guitar Academy. Joellen studied with Stephen at Notre Dame for four years. She currently teaches classes at Notre Dame and adults, children and teens at Miller Guitar Academy. Her years of experience in the business world and as a mother of three gives her unique gifts in relating to students and their families. Joellen has been instrumental in developing the children's program and arranging student performances at Barnes and Noble, Bethel College and The Mishawaka Penn Public Library.

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