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Guitar Rental Program          

Guitars & Accessories for Purchase

At MGA, we have a full range of acoustic classic guitars we can put in the hands of our players from beginning to advanced at any price range, including a rental program that pays you back 50% to 100% of your first semester rental fee.

A guitar that is hard to play, doesn't stay in tune or is the wrong size for a student only hampers learning. To best facilitate learning we require all students to have an acoustic (non-electric) guitar, which is the best basis for all players.

The acoustic guitar is foundational and gives the student a strong sense of the basic value of playing the guitar, but also enables those to play any kind of guitar.

We use the following guidelines for study at MGA:
(all sizes are available for rent or purchase)

Children (age 7-9) a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 7/8 size nylon string classical guitar.

Preteen (age 10-13) a 3/4, 7/8 or full size size nylon string classical guitar.

Teens (age 14-17) a 7/8 or full size size nylon string classical guitar.

Adults (age 18 and up) a 7/8 or full size size acoustic guitar. (classical guitar recommended but not required.)

Why the focus on classical style guitars?
The classical guitar has some qualities that are unique and rewarding. For beginners the strings are much easier on the fingers allowing more steady progress and less pain. The proportion of the classic is very important for positioning the guitar in the best way for effective finger techniques that we use at MGA or for any style of playing. The classic also has a very deep and satisfying tone. If you have questions please contact us at 574-255-9343 or contact us.

We check all guitars at or before orientation to make sure they are adequate so that there is nothing that would hamper the student in their learning. If you have questions please contact us before enrolling at 574-255-9343 or contact us.

Trade-in Program
Students can upgrade in size or quality by trading in their MGA guitar and receive most of the original value back toward a new guitar. (Trade-in's must be from our own studio and depend on the condition of the guitar and the price range of the new purchase.)

Guitar Rental Program
Guitars & Accessories for Purchase


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