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GuitarInteract Guitar Academy Series

Each level of Guitar Academy can be used with individuals, but also groups as GA is omni-directionally created to make room for solo playing and interactive group playing but even more the interaction of the ear with the body through the fingers with exercises that are simple and targeted to the music to be played. Each level also has practice audio tracks that are easy to follow and support practicing in a fun way. 


Learn the fundamentals of music integrated into the fundamentals of guitar.

Includes: ear training, technique, reading, visualization and chords
Learn solos, duets, trios in various styles: folk, classical, blues and more!


Expands on Part I and develops left and right hand strength with music that is more engaging. Also includes duets, trios in various styles. Music includes: a beautiful Vivaldi piece, other classical pieces and Blues No. 2. Also an expanded chord supplement and modes study.


Builds on Part I & II with greater harmonic and rhythmic richness. Introduction to alternating through string crossing pieces and strumming techniques. Music includes: Solos, Duos, Trios, Theme and Variation, Blues No. 3, works by Aguado, Guiliani and more in key signature up to four sharps. Also with a chord supplement. 

At MGA we use two main sources for teaching that make what we do "Guitar Instruction for the Education Minded". 

But we also expand our music with other music from a variety of sources creating arrangements for our students including music for our guitar orchestra that performs at our Holiday Recital each year and our spring open houses. 

Our whole mission is to give students the ability to make music for just themselves of others if they wish.

Guitar Academy Program for Children





We add our own practice track recordings to this material, but it is more than a book as it lays out an interactive approach that gives students and parents a way to engage with the instructor with activities, the way children learn best. Each activity is preparation for the music the child learns on the guitar as they learn simple finger exercises to prepare the hands for the music they already know from the activities which include singing the songs with the solfege (Do Re MI as in The Sound of Music). Rhythm is also a key activity with clapping and walking out the beat. All this is what we call immersion learning, as the child  explores all the elements of music in the ear, mind and body. Eventually reading music is incorporated for a full curriculum of music training.

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