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"The Miller Guitar Academy instructors are knowledgeable and supportive. Their unique method (Guitar Academy) provides a variety of beautiful and instructional compositions." - Kirsten Kish

A nylon string classic guitar is required. Special sizes available to rent or purchase.

The learning activities are geared for more mature children and teens, but also include ear training, singing and music reading in a step-by-step approach.

An Interactive Program

Each student learns solos, duets and chords in private lessons as they master the fundamentals including ear training, reading and technique. The material is straightforward and user friendly. Each semester advances to a greater level of proficiency and fun!

The Advantage of Semesters

There are three continuing sessions in a year with break weeks between each semester so students may continue their studies year-round.

Our students pay less than other places because they are not paying for the break weeks. Students at other highly rated studios must pay monthly year-round to keep their spot in the teachers schedule.

The break weeks also give students time off from lessons; and for school age children and their parents time to adjust to the Fall and Spring schedules.


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These sessions are offered starting later than the regular sessions to accommodate students that enroll after our regular classes begin or in the summer for school aged students.



-Electronic Tuner (battery included) $20.00 

We have selected the best and easiest to use tuner so that the student can keep the guitar in tune from the beginning.

-Foot Stand $15.00 

This is used to elevate the left leg so that the guitar is in the best possible positioning and the student does not have to use the hands to hold the guitar in place. The hands and fingers are freer to play correctly.

-Book & Practice Downloads $28.00

Guitar Academy by Stephen and Joellen Miller is a user-friendly format that is clear and easy to understand. It includes folk tunes, solo pieces, blues and classical. Practice tracks (downloads) provide an extra support in learning the music and are easy to follow and play along with at home.

Each level also includes a chord book that teaches not only how to strum chords, but also rhythm patterns and the individual notes inside the chords.